handmade Italian furniture in Tuscany

The Italian handmade furniture: a centuries-old Tuscan tradition

The ancient tradition of Italian handmade custom furniture is one of the most stylish and appreciated in the word.

With the introduction of the recent machinery and tools available to furniture makers, the cabinet making, woodworking and carpentry tradition in Tuscany has been renovated and it continues to conceive wonderful furniture projects for private homes, as well as stores and public places.

handmade wood furniture in FlorenceWe are talking about very functional pieces of furniture, marked by a unique style. These pieces of furniture combine the correct space disposition and the features with the respect for wood and the typical accuracy of the Italian handicraft.

The handmade wooden furniture might occasionally show irregularities such as colors and textures, but they must not be related to structural flaws. These irregularities are actually the unique traits that make the handmade furniture unique and precious, differently from the industrial production ones. The Italian furniture makers, carpenters and woodworkers (once known in Italy as stipettai) often join in collaboration with designers and architects, get involved in projects that mix tradition with modern taste and style.

woodmaking  carpenter in TuscanyFrom the conception of both furniture makers and designers lofts, boiseries, window fixtures, staircases, cabinets, bookshelves, kitchens, wall units take shape with a unique artistic style.

With the “Entirely Handmade In Italy” furniture style the Tuscan woodworking spreads the Italian design and style all over the world, making customized furniture marked by a remarkable sense of style, polished essence and details, non-toxic paints (as a form of respect to both artisans’ health and customers’ quality of life). The aim of the furniture makers is to offer durable pieces of furniture with easy maintenance possibility. In the same way the artisans of Arte & Mestiere, located near Florence, aim to accurately fulfill your projects or to design for you customized pieces of furniture.